Our Students

A page dedicated to our pupils development and performance skills 

Elvis has entered the Building

Dylan performs his grade 6 piece Albatross and nails it in one take

Benji plays Tears In Heaven

Teddy plays Supermassive Black Hole for his grade 6 exam in 3 weeks. 

Anastacia by Issac

Could young Joe be the next Lennon or Mcartney

Joseph mixing it up with some Spanish Romance

Ben performs his grade 1 piece smells like teen spirit by Nirvana. Another up and coming future Rock Star

Young Hayden who recently passed his grade 3 Is quite clearly destined for bigger things. Great performance done in just 1 take

Jonah getting ready for his grade 5 exam next month

Chris playing Blackbird 

Don has been a student at the Lost Chord for quite a few years. He has a very large repertoire on both electric and acoustic guitars. Watch out for more videos from Don soon.